Hello! My name is Anakin and I’m a student studying mathematics @ UIUC. The realm of math I enjoy most is some mixture of abstract algebra, combinatorics, and algorithms. Currently my primary interests lie in algebraic combinatorics, computational group theory, and computational commutative algebra. I am also interested in algebraic complexity theory and algebraic coding theory. When I’m not learning about those things, I love spending time talking about coffee and motorsport (Formula 1, WEC, IMSA, IndyCar, Formula E, NASCAR, GTWC).



  • Learning, Decision, Control, Autonomy Lab

    • “Post-Disaster Repair Crew Assignment Optimization Using Minimum Latency” by Anakin Dey & Melkior Ornik
    • “Optimizing a Model-Agnostic Measure of Graph Counterdeceptiveness via Reattachment” by Anakin Dey, Sam Ruggerio, & Melkior Ornik
  • Texas State University REU in Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics

    • “Classifying Primitive Solvable Permutation Groups of Rank 5 and 6” by Anakin Dey, Kolton O’Neal, Duc Van Khanh Tran, Camron Upshur, & Yong Yang
  • Erdős Number = 4 (Me -> Yong Yang -> Christine Bessenrodt -> Antal Balog -> Paul Erdős)



  • Course Assistant @ CS 173 (FA21 - ???)
  • Course Assistant @ CS 374 (SP22 - FA22, FA23 - ???)


  • Software Engineering Intern @ CME Group (SU22)
  • Software Engineering Intern @ Site IQ (SU22)
  • Course Assistant @ CS 124 back when it was called CS 125 (SP21)
  • Course Assistant @ CS 475 (SP23)