Hello! My name is Anakin and I’m a student studying mathematics @ UIUC. My interests fall in the union of abstract algebra, combinatorics, and algorithms. Currently my primary interests lie in algebraic combinatorics, computational group theory, and computational commutative algebra. When I’m not learning about those things, I love spending time talking about coffee and motorsport (Formula 1, WEC, IMSA, IndyCar, Formula E, NASCAR, GTWC).



  • Learning, Decision, Control, Autonomy Lab

    • “Post-Disaster Repair Crew Assignment Optimization Using Minimum Latency” by Anakin Dey & Melkior Ornik
    • “Optimizing a Deterministic Measure of Counterdeception via Reattachment” by Anakin Dey, Sam Ruggerio, & Melkior Ornik
      • In Preparation
  • Texas State University REU in Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics

    • “Classifying Primitive Solvable Permutation Groups of Rank 5 and 6” by Anakin Dey, Kolton O’Neal, Duc Van Khanh Tran, Camron Upshur, & Yong Yang
  • Erdős Number = 4 (Me -> Yong Yang -> Christine Bessenrodt -> Antal Balog -> Paul Erdős)



  • Course Assistant @ CS 173 (FA21 - ???)
  • Course Assistant @ CS 374 (SP22 - FA22, FA23 - ???)


  • Software Engineering Intern @ CME Group (SU22)
  • Software Engineering Intern @ Site IQ (SU22)
  • Course Assistant @ CS 124 back when it was called CS 125 (SP21)
  • Course Assistant @ CS 475 (SP23)